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Rapid Access

View source documents within a day of the subject visit!

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary travel!

Real Time & Cost Savings

Reduce monitoring costs by 25% or greater!

Adaptive & Risk-Based Monitoring

Facilitate risk-based and adaptive monitoring strategies by remote supervision and oversight.

  • Verify data integrity
  • Assess compliance
  • Review and compare documents from
    multiple sites


Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Platform
Specifically Designed for:

Save time and money by increasing CRA productivity and improving investigator compliance. Support early QA intervention. A permanent record of due diligence of all parties remain.

Project and study managers can use this powerful tool to assess both site and CRA compliance. Get real-time metrics of source document verification. Become more competitive by reducing monitoring cost. Support more work with fewer CRAs. The audit trail provides permanent record of due diligence of your monitoring personnel. Allocate monitoring resources to areas of greatest need.

Investigator Sites

Reduce onsite monitoring visits by half or more! Eliminate “shadow charts.” Verify reported data and supervise research teams from any computer. The Investigator retains ownership of uploaded files.

Create a central repository of redacted source documents. Perform supervision and oversight of your investigators. Clinical managers can assess quality of research across multiple investigators and studies. Greatly reduce the impact of onsite monitoring visits by more than 50%! LORACIS is HIPAA EU privacy directive, 21CFR-Part 11 compliant. Get speedier publication of important trial results.

Cooperative Groups
Remotely monitor more sites for the same costs. Rapidly identify problems and issues. Allows for prompt training and intervention to improve compliance and quality. Adjust monitoring strategies based on real-time data.

Government Research Institutions
Reduce monitoring costs, improve study quality and ensure subject safety from any computer! Conduct centralized monitoring and oversight of all investigator sites. Get speedier publication of important trial results.

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