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Remote Monitoring
LORACIS™ is a comprehensive remote monitoring platform for creating a centralized repository of site source documents, regulatory files, and case report forms. View uploaded documents from any computer!

Remote Monitoring
Specifically Designed for:




Investigator Sites


Cooperative Groups

Government Research

Quality Assurance


Remote Monitoring Benefits:


Rapid Access

Increased Productivity

Real Time & Cost

Increased Productivity

Adaptive & Risk-Based

view clinical trial data anywere in the worldView your trial documentation
anywhere in the world through a secure web portal. This platform is powerful, robust and easy for all to use!

The ROMaN Project™, a remote monitoring solutions provider, has revolutionized the way the clinical trial industry does its monitoring!

This subscription-based platform is a multi-tiered redaction process that allows you to de identify; encrypt and transmit in compliance with FDA, HIPAA, and EU privacy guidelines; and certify clinical trial data in one easy step.

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